About Us


Wheelworx is a professional wheel repair and refurbishment service based in Cape Town. It is run by founder and owner, Zaki Hendricks, a well-known figure in the Cape Town car performance and racing world.

With petrol practically running through his veins, Zaki has always been passionate about cars, not just racing them, but also modifying and accessorizing them. Having learnt first-hand how expensive it is to replace a broken wheel with a new one, Zaki saw the need for a local repair and refurbishment service that could provide a top quality, yet affordable service.

After doing the necessary research and learning the art of wheel repair and refurbishment with Hi-Tech Mag Repairs and Mag Wheel Services in Johannesburg, he quit his full-time job and launched Wheelworx as a home-based business in February 2001.

The Wheelworx reputation for quality and excellent service soon saw the business expand, and in 2005 Zaki opened the first Wheelworx workshop in Cape Town with a staff of 5. With the business still going from strength to strength, 2011 sees the opening of a second workshop in the Southern Suburbs. Although each workshop is now run by a workshop manager, Zaki still retains an active interest in affairs, ensuring that the original commitment to delivering top quality service at a good price remains the cornerstone of the Wheelworx business.

As Zaki says:

 People come to us because we have been doing a good job, and we have been doing it for a long time. We’re the best, and we intend on staying the best.